Hi, Russia. XCMG Is Here!

On June 4 local time,Bauma CTT RUSSIA 2019 was opened in Crocus-Expo IEC in Moscow.It is one of the largest exhibitions of construction machinery in Russia and Eastern Europe,attracting over 500 exhibitors from 24 countries,including China,Russia,Germany,Italy and Finland,etc.

XCMG excavators captured great attention at the event.The basket shooting,needle threading and other awesome performances received warm applause from visitors.

XCMG exhibited 19 product lines at the exhibition,including cranes,excavators,loaders,rotary rigs,horizontal directional drills,road rollers,pavers,milling machines,levelers,dump trucks and trailer trucks,etc.All these exhibits have passed EAC certification.

Cranes customized for Russia market,loaders specially developed for Alpine region,powerful and robust excavators,and complete set of road solutions...These energy-efficient,environment-friendly and reliable XCMG equipment are equipped with world-leading power system.Their intelligent and ergonomic designs make control smoother and more comfortable,thus giving drivers and passengers brand-new feelings.

As the Chinese exhibitor covering the largest venue space,XCMG displayed the total solutions in highlight,revealing its great strength in providing global clients with the best complete set of construction machinery.

“XCMG exhibited 19 models in the exhibition,which fully showcased the robust power of Chinese construction machinery”,said Chairman Qi Jun of China Construction Machinery Association,at the XCMG Opening Ceremony of Bauma CTT RUSSIA 2019,a high praise to XCMG.

Mr.Qi Jun,Chairman of China Construction Machinery Association,spoke at the Opening Ceremony.

XCMG made debut in Russia market in 2001.For the past two decades,XCMG quickly improves its product recognition and brand reputation.Since 2017,XCMG sales in Russia have averaged a more than 100%increase rate per year.Now XCMG,among all Chinese enterprises operating in Russia,has the largest market share and becomes the priority Chinese brand favored by Russian customers.

“XCMG has the greatest confidence and ability to provide the best made-in-China products for Russian customers”.XCMG for Your Success.This is the solemn commitment made by XCMG.

At the Opening Ceremony,a customer from Yekaterinburg purchased two rotary drills.He felt excited when was handed the golden key,a symbol of“success and wealth”.The customer said they respect the excellent construction capability of XCMG in Russia and other regions.He is also satisfied with the wonderful service system.He hopes XCMG equipment continues to have exceptional performance.

Customers flocked to XCMG booth at the exhibition for business talks.They said XCMG equipment is reliable,durable and assuring.All XCMG exhibits were sold out on the first day.Besides,XCMG received nearly 100 orders and orders of intent.

In recent years,guided by the strategic goal of Climb to the Peak,XCMG provides Russian customers with products featured with“leading technologies,everlasting products and artwork philosophy”,which are greatly recognized by Russian customers.

Russia is a key country along the Belt&Road.In the future,XCMG will grasp the opportunity brought by China’s strategic development,and build the bond and bridge to promote friendship and cooperation between Russia and China.